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I am Paula Tranzillo from Buenos Aires and although I have a degree in International Trade, I left my business future in Argentina to continue discovering the world, my great passion. I travelled to 89 countries – it all started when I was 18…



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I met Paula in Tel Aviv, Israel, while working for a hostel. I was the chef's assistant and she was working on tours. We were all the time together. The experience was so good that we met again in Italy in Cinqueterre and I even went to visit her in Marseille, France. She is super cool, flexible and knows a lot about history and geography. You never get bored with her!

Melina QuadrelliCinqueterre, Italia

I've known Paula for over 10 years. We worked together at Accenture and went on vacations some weekends in Argentina. Paula is an ideal travel companion and a great friend!

Federico VarelaBuenos Aires, Argentina

Paula was volunteering at a hostel in Marseille when I met her. It was her first day at the front desk and she was super excited to receive her first Argentinian guest. She suggested where should I go in the city and she even suggested that I could visit Cassis, near Marseille, which became my favorite destination. Now we are friends and we continue talking about trips, our passion!

Nicolas GonzalezBuenos Aires, Argentina

I met Pau during an internship program in Tel Aviv. We lived together in the same house with other three girls. Pau is very nice, she is very active and she is always planning her next trip. She always helped me when I wanted to go on holidays because she has been to many places in the world!. She is the best travel planner ever!!

Laura CohenTel Aviv, Israel

I met Paula Tranzillo working at Unilever in Buenos Aires. One day she invited me to eat sushi and we became friends. Once, she told me that she loved to travel and that she was going to get her Italian passport so that she could live in Europe. She left her job in Argentina to travel all over the world. I was lucky to meet her again in Israel. If I had to choose a travel partner, I have no doubt that it would be Paula, not only because she is an excellent friend but also because she knows a lot and that is very important!

Gisela RabinovichTel Aviv, Israel

I met Paula on a trip to the Falkland Islands. I was on a solo trip and, as she was also traveling alone, we spent most of the week together, sharing stories with Argentinians that had participated in the war and we even did some trekking. She was very interested in Geopolitics. She is an ideal travel partner for unconventional destinations!!

LeandroThe Falkland Island

With Pau we travelled several times. We went to Madrid, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Paris, Berlin and even to China. She is a very good friend and when we travel together, she plans everything. I'd travel with her many more times!

Analía KakiasYangshuo, China

I met Paula in Peru while she was working in Lima. Then, we met in France. I enjoy talking with her about travels. She is very optimist. I hope to meet her in another country!!

Lisset AlvarezArequipa, Peru

With Paula we met in Peru while working for different companies. Paula loves travelling and she easily investigates and she always look for the best price. We became friends without knowing each other in Argentina. Have a nice trip!

Lorena LabordaIquitos, Peru


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