I am Paula Tranzillo from Buenos Aires and although I have a degree in International Trade, I left my business future in Argentina to continue discovering the world, my great passion. I travelled to 91 countries: it all started when I was 18 and I went on a student exchange program with Rotary International to Hungary. There were only two options: North America or Europe. I decided to go to Europe, so I finished high school in December and in January I was already in the Old Continent. I went twice to Greece with the Greek Embassy because my grandfather was Greek and I also went to Israel several times. I spent 6 months in Peru in 2014 working for an international company. Also, I spent 3 months in Ethiopia in 2016 doing a volunteering program and I studied French at the Sorbonne and worked in tourism during 2 years in Paris. I speak English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. I love Geopolitics, that is why I usually go to unrecognized countries and divided cities.
I tell you a secret. . . I love to visit non very touristic countries but sometimes I like to go to the beach. One day I can be in Marbella and another in Irak.I have been to Iran, Nagorno Karabakh, Israel, Lebanon, Algeria, Tibet, Falkland Islands, Kosovo, Transnistria, Kurdistan. I cycled the Death Road in Bolivia. I flew over the Nazca Lines and even on a Soviet helicopter in North Korea in 2017. I have been always interested in the former Soviet Union, so after visiting Berlin, Belarus and Russia, I decided to go to Pyongyang, and it was the same day North Korea launched a missile over Japan. And I visited Chernobyl for my birthday in 2015.
So, I want to share my stories with you!

If you have any questions, want to travel with you, join my tours or just have a coffee somewhere in the world, write me! Suggestions are always accepted!