Being a woman and traveling alone to “not recommended” destinations

Yes, you can be a woman and travel around the world and to places that are not very touristic. I have already been  in Iraq, Iran, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, Senegal, Ethiopia, Kazakhstan, North Korea, India, Ukraine, Kosovo, Bosnia, Moldova, among other countries and I would love to go to Syria and Afghanistan. I always say “I travel to see with my eyes, what the media shows with their”.

In January 2019, I travelled to Algeria. And the truth is that as I was travelling on my own and with all the negative press again certain countries, I was a little scared whether or not to take a taxi to the hotel. Next to me on the plane there were a woman and a man in his 50′ s. He told me that a friend of him was coming to pick him up and he offered me to take me to my hotel. I made sure he knew my hotel and I asked him a couple of questions to verify that he knew the address. I thought this would be safer than taking a taxi because there could be a security camera filming at the airport and they could identify this person, if something happened to me during the trip. I got into the car. Doors locked automatically. I grabbed my cell phone and in the dark, I used an application that works without internet connection to know the route from the airport to the hotel. We were going in the right direction. However, I started to evaluate different options in my mind:

a.If I see we are going in a wrong direction, I’ll start a fight and well, we’ll crash.

b.I activate my cell phone roaming and I get an invoice of € 40, I did not care anymore about the cost

c.I faint.

I continued talking with these two men. Showing self-confidence and that, if they did something to me, I could identify them. Many times I thought about buying a wedding ring so they would not bother me anymore. Sometimes, when I travel, people ask me: “Are you afraid to come alone?”, “Do you have children?”, “Are you marry? and I answer “No. I’m free”.

Sometimes we have preconceptions about a country that are not true. That’s why I’m still travelling, to demystify. Everything I know, I learned it while travelling. I had this opportunity. And you know what? I already showed that it does not matter the destination and even if they tell me “But are you afraid?”, “Why are you going there?” And I answer  “And why not?”. I am a woman and I travel alone.