Visiting synagogues in Iran

As you know, I like to do unconventional tourism that is, visiting places that are not so popular. In this case, I want to talk about Iran, a beautiful country that I visited in 2018, where I felt very safe and welcome. Yes, as a woman, too. Iranians are super nice and they help you, they invite you to their houses to eat, drink coffee or just to suggest where to go. The country has a very particular architecture. I visited the capital, Tehran and also Shiraz and Ispahan. Did you know that Iran is the second country with the second biggest Jew population in the Middle East? There are approximately 20,000 Jews in the country. In Teheran, I had the chance to visite a couple of synagogues and even what it used to be a Mikve, where purification baths take place. There are Jews living in other cities of the country as well. As it is not so easy to get there, I hired a tour, which was very interesting. I was able to see how Jews and Muslims coexist peacefully, demolish myths and get to know a part of the history of Iran not so known in the world.

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Entrance of a synagogue in Teheran


Another synagogue