Petra, the pink city of Jordan

In 2016, I went for the second time to the Lost City of Petra in Jordan. I had already been there in 2012, and at that time, there were a lot of tourism. Today, due to the crisis in the region, tourism has dropped significantly. However, I recommend coming, as locals  always help you and are willing to offer you the best.
Last time I went, I crossed from Eilat, in southern Israel, for only one day and I payed 135 USD for the tour with transportation and ticket. But this time, I went 2 days and I was able to travel much more and the ticket cost 75 USD, just to see Petra (is more expensive, 1 than 2 days).  Yes, Jordan is an expensive country, considering that 1 Dinar is 1.5 USD. These prices are for tourists from non-Arab countries. That is to say, if you are local (from Jordan) or coming from Arab countries, the entrance will only cost you 1 Dinar, which is symbolic price.
The city of Petra belongs to “The New Seven Wonders of the Modern World”.It was the city built by the Nabateans and later conquered by the Romans.

You can stay in hotels or Bedouin camps with basic amenities such as bed, bath, showers and good food.
At least once in a life time, I recommend coming to discover this wonderful city carved in stone. The word “Petra” comes from the word “stone”.