What is unconventional tourism?

When I say unconventional tourism,  I mean going of the beaten track. It means visiting secluded places and appreciating the culture and traditions you can’t see in crowded touristic areas . Places that many people don’t even know it is possible to visit. Did you know that Chernobyl, Iraq, Tibet, Kosovo, Transnistria, Nagorno-Karabakh or even that Argentinians can visit the Falkland Islands (among other destinations) ?… did you know that “North Korea”, that it is known only for negative propaganda, is possible to visit?

Uncoventional tourism means going to those places that are not so visited by tourists even in the most visited countries.
You can call it “dark tourism” which is going to places marked by war as well. Everyone can choose the type of tourism that is right for them..

But please, don’t take me wrong. I enjoy going to the beach, too. And although unconventional tourism is my true nature because I love exploring exotic, remote and quite unexplored places, I always say that the Mediterranean Sea is My place on Earth.

Below, you’ll find a couple of pictures of unconventional places I’ve been to.

Synagogue of the Ghriba on the island of Djerba, Tunisia, the second holiest place for Judaism, in the middle of the pilgrimage during “Lag Baomer”

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Greek-Turkish Cypriot border in the city of Nicosia in Cyprus

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Palestinian refugee camp in the West Bank
Western New Yeasr’s, 31st December, in Tibet (where they have Tibetan calendar)
Jewish Cemetery in Odessa, Ukraine
The place where the Sarajevo bombing , which originated the First World War, occurred in 1914
“Arc of Triomphe”, but not in Paris. It is in North Korea!!

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Bridge in the town of Mitrovida in Kosvo, separating Albanians in the South and Serbians in the North

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In the city of Pripyat, in Chernobyl, Ukraine the 2nd October, the day of my birthday (with a hat and a book, I received as a souvenir from the tour operator)

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