Tallinn is the capital city of Estonia. To place you a little bit more on the map, that’s west from Russia and north from Latvia. This is one of the countries I’ve baptized as “toy country”, because it’s small and picturesque, with a low population, but with more than enough charm.

Tallinn is surrounded by a wall, which makes strolling around the city quite fun. It has a great gastronomy, touristic shops and craft fairs in the main square. Two days will be enough to know the place. Along with their neighboring countries, Latvia and Lithuania, these are peaceful nations that partly got their independence
by forming a line of people holding hands and singing. That’s why I like to call them “the countries that got their independence singing”.

I went there in July and it was hot by day and chilly by night, so you can imagine how cold it must be during the winter. I set off by boat from Helsinki, capital city of Finland. Many Finns cross over to Estonia for its cheap alcohol.

In 1994 a tragedy took place in Finland’s part of the Baltic Sea. The Estonia M/S ferry that had departed from Tallinn to Stockholm sank and took with it 852 lives. The accident was caused by a failure in the starboard’s visor closing system, which broke down due to the pressure of the 15-meter waves.

In case you are going to visit this beautiful city, I suggest you keep on going south to Latvia and Lithuania, thus completing the Baltic states, and visit their respective capitals; Riga and Vilnius.

Lastly, in Tallinn you’ll find scattered around the city different statues evoking famous characters of the area.