Lalibela: the most amazing churches I have ever seen

It is the main tourist destination in Ethiopia. Lalibela is located on top of a mountain. The city has 35000 inhabitants. Ethiopia is one of the main tourist destinations in Africa.

Gebre Mesqel Lalibela was a king of Ethiopia. Lalibela means «bees recognized their sovereignty «. His mother called him Lalibela because, as he was surrounded by bees during  his birth, she took it as a sign of his future kingdom as Emperor of the country. Heinspired in Jerusalem to build what we now know as Lalibela, the «New Jerusalem.» In the beginning  the city was called «Roha» but then changed its name to «Lalibela».
There are 11 churches that are divided into two groups: North and South. They are monolithic churches (churches made of one piece) and «Bet Giyorgis», is the most famous. «Bet» in Hebrew means «the house of», so there is a link between Jerusalem and Lalibela.

The entrance for the locals is free but tourists have to pay $50 USD.
Lalibela is also famous for its monasteries and churches located in the surroundings. People who live in the mountains walk up to 10 hours to get to the city market.



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