How to travel to Nicosia, Europe’s last divided city

Cyprus is an island whose capital, Nicosia,  is the last divided capital in Europe. Cyprus is part of the European Union, although one part is Greek and the other Turkish, we say «Greek Cypriots» and «Turkish Cypriots».  The Greek part belongs to the European Union and the Turkish part don’t. In orther to cross from one side to the other, you need to show your passport.

In the Turkish part, there are mosques. In the Greek, Orthodox churches. It’s interesting to talk to people on both sides. So there are also political conflicts. Turkey wants to be part of the European Union. Greece, refuses. It’s the story of never ending.

I also visited some beautiful beaches and the ghost town of Famagusta where it is possible to go to Varosha, a beach that was abandoned after the Turkish invasion. People that lived there had to leave their houses and went to the Greek part. People from the Islans considere themselves as Cypriots. Today you can visit the beach, guarded by police and where you can not take pictures of buildings that are destroyed and abandoned.

I stayed 4 days in the city of Larnaca. And from there, I visted the main parts of the city. The airport, in Larnaca, is well connected. I stayed at the hotel Onisillos as it was the cheapest option

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Today there is a strong presence of UN Blue Helmets, especially on the Turkish and Greco Cypriot border

Turkish part
Mosque that it used to be a Cathedral

«We don’ t need no more mothers,» in the Turkish side. Cypriots «need neither Greece nor Turkey»

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