Belarus: love for countries of the former Soviet Union

Being able to visit Belarus without a visa is now possible. Lately, the country has signed agreements so that tourists can enter without a tourist visa and could stay within the territory for 30 days (see table below). Belarus wants more tourism. When your arrive at the airport, in Minsk, its capital,  it all seems fresh out of the cold war (in fact, I felt like I was an actress of «Star Wars»). Flights arrive from all over Europe. Belarus has a population of approximately 10 million inhabitants. I went to Trinity hostel and I highly recommend it! The language is Russian and Belarusian. Young people, usually speak English. In order to be in the country up to 30 days without a visa, it is necessary to arrive and leave Minsk airport so you can not get to Belarus by land.

74 countries can visit Belarus without a tourist visa

It is one of the most hermetic countries in the world. However, I felt very comfortable. I went in April and it was cold so I ate Russian specialties like strogonoff (one of my favourites). There are many bars and coffee shops to taste the local patisserie.
I recommend going 3 days to Minsk!

Minsk airport

The Belarusian State Museum of the History of the Great Patriotic War

It was so cold…

Maybe it’s the most meaningful photo for me. Communism vs. capitalism