Chiang Mai and the giraffe women of Northern Thailand

Known for its temples and pagodas, the city of Chiang Mai is also known for its nightlife, its gastronomy, its fairs, and the natural beauty that surrounds it. It is a city of 2 million inhabitants. I recommend enjoying one of its SPA´s, going to visit the waterfalls and taking advantage of the excellent atmosphere of Chiang Mai.

Giraffe women are exiles from Burma, now Myanmar, who live in Thailand. Some people say that the rings were used to protect against the attack of the tigers, since these big felines usually throw themselves to the neck of their victims. Also, there was a version that says that the necklaces prevented them from being enslaved by Burmese assailants because, in this way, they lost value as slaves.
Both stories aren’t true. The dragon is an important figure in their culture, which protects them from the dangers of mountains and diseases so, with this rings, women look like a dragon.
They say that the longer the neck, the more attractive it is to men. Rings are sometimes removed as they cause back and neck pain.