Bollywood avant premier

During my trip to India, I had the opportunity to watch the «avant premier» of a Bollywood film. It is said that Bollywood owes its name to the fact that the capital of Indian cinema is Bombay, while others say it’s because of the way Hindus pronounce «Hollywood» that it actually sounds like «Bollywood». The truth is that India is the world’s leading film producer.

Going to the cinema in India is a great experience. I bought a coke and  a sandwich to enjoy this show. As it was a film without subtitles, I didn’t understand much. However, my idea was to see something else: to be able to feel the enthusiasm that Hindus experience when going to the cinema. People shout, clap and whistle when protagonists appear on screen. Movies are usually long. The film lasted 3 hours and a half, but for me was amazing just to see local people at the cinema. I recommend  it!!!