Visiting Nessie in Scotland

Few places have as much energy as this one. From Edinburg you can go on a day trip (85€), that includes transportation and ticket for the boat trip.
Some people say they have seen Nessie, the monster that maybe, as part of a legend, it is said, lives there.  It is also said that Nahuelito lives in Nahuel Huapi in Argentina and other creatures in many lakes in Northern Europe. Maybe it’s fantasy or maybe it’s reality. The point is that Loch Ness is prepared for tourists. In fact there is a Nessie sticker on the window of the boat so that when you take the picture it has the effect that it is in the water.

Our local guide says he has seen Nessie several times and the last time was in 2007. And he also claims that he has videos and images.
The truth is that several animals have been rescued from these waters. Maybe Nessie needs to feed on them or maybe these large species of aquatic animals are the famous «Nessie» I think this lake, full of stories, has a lot of energy. I don’t know why. I recommend visiting Loch Ness when you go to Scotland. It is good to be able to be in so popular and well known places.